My Destiny 2 Review

Before I go into detail, there’s something I need to get off my chest. I AM OBSESSED WITH DESTINY 2!

Unlike other games in the past, Destiny 2 is a game that I took off work to play. I was a huge fan of the original Destiny, but I never got to see it through. When most of my friends stopped playing, I put the game down as well. Things might be different with Destiny 2…

Leveling in Destiny 2

Much like any MMO or RPG, leveling in Destiny 2 is straightforward. My favorite part about the main questline was how in-depth and concise the story was. This allowed gamers, such as myself, to speed through content and reach level 20 rather quickly.

Personally, I want to get to endgame content as soon as possible, therefore I don’t care about the length of Destiny 2’s story mode. As a matter of fact, I skipped most of the cutscenes. In my defense, I have two televisions in my living room and my roommate was playing Destiny 2 at the same time.

Do you know how difficult it is to focus on your own quest when you are watching somebody else doing theirs?!

With that being said, everything I talk about is strictly from a mechanical and entertainment angle.

You Feel Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger in Destiny 2

Every level you gain in Destiny 2, you feel your character growing stronger. Each level up I was constantly switching my gear and using different guns; exposing myself to a wide variety of different weapons early on.

When I reached level 20, I felt as though I’ve killed every enemy with every gun the game has to offer. This allowed me to discover my favorite weapon combinations for endgame content.

Along with the catalog of weapons and armor I was collecting throughout my journey, I encountered many different vehicles; most of which, controllable. Let me tell you, the vehicles in Destiny 2 are no joke.

Driving Vehicles

One of my first experiences with a vehicle was during a mission in which I had to deliver a certain item to an important individual. Not trying to spoil anything… Also, I don’t really know the details because I didn’t pay attention…

As mentioned earlier. You put this item in a tank-like vehicle and literally SMASH through EVERY FUCKING ENEMY and EVERY FUCKING OBJECT in your path. And it feels SO good.

No grenades. No guns. No bombs. No special abilities. Nothing but brute force and a helluva good time.

Level However You Want

Which brings me to my last point. There’s no right or wrong way to level in Destiny 2. There’s only YOUR way.

Whether it be PvE, PvP, public events, or patrols, you name it, you can gain experience from it. Not only can you reach level 20 doing whatever it is you like to do in the game, but you can reach level 20 in a reasonable timeframe, unlike other games in the past.

My Destiny 2 Review

For example, in World of Warcraft, I refused to have alts because of the time commitment it took to level another character from scratch.

Sure, they implemented “Bind on Account” weapons and gear which increased your XP gain by 1,000,000,000%, but leveling was still grueling. Even with the XP boost, you’d be foolish to choose to level in PvP over questing or dungeons.

Destiny 2 allows you to choose how you want to level and it doesn’t seem to penalize the user based on their decision.

PvE in Destiny 2

I plan on adding more to this section later on down the road. As of now, there aren’t many PvE options available in Destiny 2. With that being said, I’ll still tell you my overall thoughts now!

My Destiny 2 Review

The biggest thing I want to address is matchmaking. Something that’s always bothered me about Destiny is the difficulty and commitment it takes to match with other players. Yes, you have the Destiny 2 companion app and you can join clubs on Xbox, but it’s still a hassle.

Matchmaking in Destiny 2

For example, my friend and I were trying to complete last week’s Nightfall, which requires 3 people around power level 240. I put a post on the Destiny 2 forums and after 10 minutes, my patience wore thin.

Aggravated and ready to call it quits, I flew to The Tower and started inviting every high-level player I encountered.

A few people accepted the invite. Hell, a few gave the Nightfall a shot. But every run, players would leave before we made serious progression.

My Destiny 2 Review

I understand clans in Destiny 2 are one of the solutions to the lack of matchmaking in the game. However, there needs to be a simpler option for those who don’t have many friends playing Destiny.

Matchmaking aside, I really do enjoy all the PvE content available. Leveling is fantastic, strikes are fun, Nightfalls are difficult, and public events show a lot of promise for future content.

Destiny 2 Public Events Make The Game Feel Bigger

I love public events. They make the game feel larger than it really is. Nothing beats rolling up to an event and noticing six other players ready to rock n roll. Heroic public events increase its difficulty and chance at better loot.

Strikes, Nightfalls, and Raids

Strikes are fun and Nightfalls are difficult. Really not much to say here. The raid just released and I’m currently not strong enough to participate. I plan on updating this information in the near future!

My Destiny 2 Review

PvP in Destiny 2

Most of my spare time in Destiny 2 is spent in the Crucible. PvP feels really good if you’re the right power level. Let me explain.

In the Crucible, your power level doesn’t matter. All of your equipment and gear is on an even playing field. However, your weapons keep their abilities.

When I was at 100 power level, I was getting wrecked in PvP. People were kicking my shit in and I had no idea why. I consider myself above average in most shooters, so my skill level OBVIOUSLY wasn’t a factor (it may have been)…

Fast forward to power level 200 and suddenly I’m John Wick.

Even though stats and levels are “turned off” in PvP, the type of gun you play with is “turned on”. Higher level characters are going to have cooler and stronger guns because they’ve been exposed to a bigger arsenal than a newer player.

Exotic weapons are powerful and stat balancing won’t change that.

Destiny 2 Speeders

That’s right, I’ve decided to make a category for speeders. Mainly for 2 reasons:

  1. A majority of the Destiny 2 community is complaining about them

“Why Don’t You Get A Speeder Before Level 20”

A lot of gamers are upset that you don’t get a speeder before level 20. Personally, I think it’s necessary to wait.

My Destiny 2 Review

Artists and developers at Bungie worked day and night to create beautiful and immersive planets. If you received a speeder at level five, you would zoom past everything. Having to hike long distances forces you to engage with the environment and explore.

I played a lot of World of Warcraft growing up. In Vanilla WoW, you didn’t receive your mount until level 40. Hitting 40 was half the battle. The other half was getting your hands on enough gold to purchase the training. I had to walk EVERYWHERE. And keep in mind, WoW’s map dwarfs Destiny’s.

Some of my fondest memories from World of Warcraft were encounters along my journey. So thank you Bungie for making us wait and cheers to more gaming memories.

I Fucking Love Destiny 2 Speeders

Everybody complaining about speeders are using them wrong. Speeders aren’t meant for travel; they’re meant for sick tricks. This is why I said “I FUCKING LOVE SPEEDERS” earlier.

I’ve spent hours surveying planets searching for gaps and ramps to do sick nasty speeder tricks off of. Creating games within games is fun. I highly recommend you try it. Who needs Skate 4 when you have speeders in Destiny 2?

Expect More Destiny 2 Content

Is Destiny 2 perfect, no. Then again, what game is? Expect a lot more Destiny content from me; I see myself playing this for a while.


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